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The partnership between Acheva & Associates and China Classifieds

The partnership between Acheva & Associates and China Classifieds


Acheva & Associates collaborates closely with China Classifieds as partner in the accounting field. Acheva & Associates can be seen as your external CFO who takes care of your compliance, implementation of business application solutions, and also keeps an eye on your financials to make your business is always on track.


China Classifieds and Acheva & Associates together are dedicated to make your life in China easier and more convenient.  


Why choose Acheva & Associates as your accounting service provider?


Acheva & Associates ( is a cloud-based accounting and advisory practice. Their team are very experienced in serving foreign investors with their profound knowledge about China market. They use MEGI cloud accounting platform to provide their services, which connects them and their clients anytime and anywhere. By using MEGI (, their advisors can really bring the clients insights on local best practice to help them save money, mitigate business risks and maximize their profit, also make their business more visualized, measurable, secure, stable, profitable and predictable.


In the recent years in China, developments in business environment increasingly poses challenges to foreign companies in multiple facts. Foreign companies should try all necessary approaches to minimize their costs and remain competitive. The mission of Acheva & Associates is to help their clients save costs and keep pace with the fast-changing environment in China.


Main services:

  1. Cloud accounting
  2. Business solution
  3. Virtual CFO & business advisory
  4. Auditing assistance and financial review


What you can get from Acheva via China Classifieds?


If you would like to engage Acheva & Associates as your professional service provider to offer the back-office services and meet the management reporting requirement, you can definitely contact Acheva & Associates via us. We will generate a unique discount code for you, by which you can get RMB 1000 one-off discount from Acheva & Associates.


Want to know more? Please have a look at their website: And come back to us for the discount code.

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