About Us

China Classifieds is a website created to post classified listings for multinationals residing in China. The platform creates an online leeway where visitors can rent, hire, buy, sell, swap or giveaway any commodity or service in over 600 cities in China. The website provides the latest option to market your product by posting an ad, whereby provides ease to customers who are in search of a similar product or service.

All you have to do is post a free listing of the item or service you want to sell and provide essential information like category, descriptions, pictures, contact information etc. Moreover, you can even attach a video link which will further help the audience to digest the content of the commodity or service.

We are keen to provide an outstanding service and so we provide you with an option to become a registered member by signing up and creating an account. This will help you to log in any time and create your own personal listing of the products. Not to mention, we are exquisite to work with as long as you want covering every city in China which sets us apart from the local classified businesses. Moreover, the website being in English makes it easy for the expatriates in China to understand and benefit from the service. The company is keen to serve their customers and intend to provide a pathway with sincerity and responsibility. We have received prodigious eminence by our existing customers and bid to expand our user base. In addition, the business is persistent to satisfy their customers and update their website frequently to avoid complications. Also, we are quite responsive to complains and queries and adhere to take immediate actions. The ultimate primacy is to acquire customer satisfaction and nothing else.  

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