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About Us

China Classifieds is the only English classifieds website with WeChat integration that is available in over 600 cities across China. Founded in 2016, China Classifieds offers not only a platform for hiring, renting, buying, selling, and swapping products and services, but also a channel for staying updated with events and organizations relevant for internationals. China Classifieds serves to unite the continuously growing international community across the country. 

  • Variety of Listings

Be it a place for rent, a flatmate, or a tutor, you can find it all on China Classifieds. If you have a service to offer or maybe are looking for a job, China Classifieds has a place for you too.

  • Directory of Organizations

China Classifieds also features a directory of relevant organizations. From real estate agencies to innovative communication services, you can find them represented on our website. We also personally visit the representatives and write supplementary articles to provide original content.

  • Events

With China Classifieds you can stay updated about the events happening in town. We also organize events ourselves, creating perfect opportunities for networking and bringing the community together.

  • Innovative platform: Web & WeChat

Forget about having to redirect from WeChat to the website, and there’s no need to go through the boring registration process either. You can view and post listings directly through the China Classifieds WeChat. Just click the WeChat icon at the bottom of the website. 


China Classifieds is a free, fast (no VPN needed!), and user-friendly website available in the English language to serve the needs of the international community across the nation!

For more details and inquiries please contact China Classifieds at


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