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11 july 2018

Content Manager

Beijing | Posted: 12 january 2018, number: 9269

Content Manager

12 january 2018 198
  • Employment: Full-time 


Content Manager


Job Description

  • Responsible for content management and editing
  • Familiar with social media and website operation and marketing
  • Editing and polishing English articles
  • Advising on content and topic-planning. Sensitive to what hot issues in China could attract overseas readers


  • Bachelor degree or above; major in journalism, management, economics or other relevant subjects
  • English native speaker only
  • Knowledge in international relations, politics, economy or China’s national conditions is preferred
  • Have working experience in content operations/content marketing/social media management
  • Strong verbal communication and written skills, especially familiar with social media writing style
  • Have an understanding of the North American market
  • Creative, responsible and self-motivated person

How To Apply

If you wish to apply for this vacancy, please send your CV + description of your current situation to

Email subject line: Content Manager - Beijing

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