[Expat Services. Shanghai]: Bruce Liu of HomieHomie

China Classifieds met Bruce Liu of HomieHomie.

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[Expat Services. Shanghai]: Jane Feng of SN Mandarin

China Classifieds met Jane Feng of SN Mandarin.

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[Expat Services. Shanghai]: Kelly Wang of Accent Mandarin

China Classifieds met Kelly Wang, the owner of Accent Mandarin.

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[Expat Services. Shanghai]: Annie Zhang of Hermes Relocation

China Classifieds met Annie Zhang, the owner of Hermes Relocation.

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[Expat Services. Shanghai]: Mary Jin of Mandarin City

China Classifieds met Mary Jin, the owner of Mandarin City.

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Taobao for the Rest of Us

Baopals gives you the ultimate shopping experience in China.

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Translate Restaurant Menus All over China with Spoonhunt

Spoonhunt is a restaurant discovery app that covers all cities in China.

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RINGY Crushes the Language Barrier

Having communication difficulties in China? Meet RINGY. 

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