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7 february 2018

10,000-13,000RMB in Nanjing & Wuhu + Dormitory + Z Visa

Nanjing | Posted: 11 august 2017, number: 7537

10,000-13,000RMB in Nanjing & Wuhu + Dormitory + Z Visa

11 august 2017 110
13 000¥ negotiable
  • Employment: Full-time 


Shane English School (Nanjing) together with Vivian’s Wonderland Pre-School & Kindergarten Group of companies offers you the opportunity to experience the fascinating and wildly different culture of China. We operate English Schools and Kindergartens in Nanjing and Wuhu City.
1. Employment Type : Full Time English teacher in private English Training Centres and Kindergartens
2. Education: Bachelor or above
3. Certificate: TEFL//CELTA/TESOL
4. Native English Speakers
Teachers enjoy the opportunity to teach students from 3 years old to 12 years old.
We provide tailored courses for every age group varying in difficulty according to the students' needs. The focus, however, is always on providing an immersive environment in which to learn, and student-student communication without the need for translation.
Texts, teacher's books, and necessary materials are provided for all courses taught, and the teachers’ office is fully equipped with resource books, props, flashcards, computers with internet access, and everything you may need in and out of the classroom.
All teachers work a regular schedule of 5 days per week.
The average schedule consists of 20-25 contract teaching hours per week.
Regardless of experience and/or qualifications all new teachers receive a week's paid training prior to beginning their full teaching schedule.
The training is aimed mainly at the teaching of young learners with focus on areas such as the teaching of reading and writing, classroom management, implementation of activities, and lesson planning. Trainees will also observe the classes of experienced teachers to see how the theory works in practice.
Teachers will always have the Academic Manager and Senior Teacher on hand with whom they can discuss any aspects of their work. Also, our school has a full-time welfare officer to help teachers settle smoothly into living in China and provide ongoing assistance on all matters that may otherwise prove difficult with the language barrier.
The School provides free dormitory while the Teacher may choose to rent their own apartment in the downtown with housing allowance of RMB2,500 provided by the School.
SESC sponsors all teachers for their visas and covers all associated costs except the initial entry visa.
Shane English Schools and Vivian’s Wonderland Pre-School & Kindergarten are bright, modern schools that operate on defined principles so teachers, and students alike can expect the same excellent work and study conditions. The schools are fully equipped with the resources needed to work with a large variety of different classes and situated in over a dozen prime locations around the country. This means that at Shane English School, Nanjing, we can offer you a position that allows you to grow as a teacher. It also means that Shane English Schools can provide you with a strong employment network for your future work and travel ambitions.
Documents in the Email needed for visa
1. Resume
2. Copy of passport photo page
3. Copy of most recent visa and entry stamp
4. Copy of temporary residence form
5. Degree copy
6. Teaching Certificate (i.e. TESOL/TEFL/CELTA)
7. Non-criminal Record
8. Medical check(for those who haven't had a Chinese work visa in the previous 3 months)
9. Reference letter and release letter from previous Chinese employer (if applicable)
10. Cancellation letter of previous FEC or working permit (if applicable)
11. Formal Photo
If you are interested in our position, do not hesitate to send us your CV/TEFL or other teaching certificate/degree copy/passport ID page copy/current photo/self-introduction video.
Tel: 020 37303381
WeChat: 13694258754
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