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10 july 2018

chinabizmagazine searching for article writers

Shanghai | Posted: 11 january 2018, number: 9263

chinabizmagazine searching for article writers

11 january 2018 206
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» East Xujing | 徐泾东
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» East Xujing | 徐泾东
  • Employment: Freelance / Project 


China biz magazine is an online magazine dedicated to all business'es in china like new upcoming brands and companies.

Im looking for people who can write articles in english and chinese.

You'll do also interviews with companies a press card is sometimes needed.

You'll earn money by placing your own ads on your articles to monetise them.You can choose every advertising network you want.

I'll also create an affiliate program so you can earn a comission on every subscription sale.

Im looking for people all over china .If you'r intrested contact me

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