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5 june 2018

Hiring Social Media and E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

Shanghai | Posted: 7 december 2017, number: 8703

Hiring Social Media and E-Commerce Marketing Specialist

7 december 2017 96
  • Employment: Part-time 


Position Description 

* Must have strong knowledge and understanding of Chinese Social Media, E-Commerce and SEO strategies to help implement our social media strategy to help our 888 brands gain maximum exposure on Weibo, WeChat, Youku, Baidu and others.


* Fluent in Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese a must with written English proficiency.

* Ability to work independently and a fast learner.

Compensation & Hours

* What is your monthly salary expectation in RMB for this contractual position? 

Company Websites 

* Hand Crafted 888 Beers at

* 888 Hair Extensions at


* AdMerk Corp. Inc, 20 F Street NW, Washington, DC USA

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