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12 may 2018

Look forward to full time English teaching in China

Tianjin | Posted: 13 november 2017, number: 8380

Look forward to full time English teaching in China

13 november 2017 87
  • Employment: Full-time 


opportunity to become a foreign English teacher in Tianjin, China!


Have ever wanted to teach English
abroad and experience a new culture? We are now hiring new applicants who are serious
about becoming English teachers and would like to experience China as a whole.


Tianjin is a very large city near the
coast, 30 minutes from Beijing by high speed rail. It has all the international
services and goods that a huge city offers and also retains it’s traditional
Chinese culture.



●A Bachelor’s Degree with a graduation date at
least 24 months ago 

●Passport validity for at least 18 more

●Ability to live abroad for at least one year 

●Willingness to work on teacher’s teaching

●Positive attitude towards students and Chinese

●Good communication skills 


What we offer:

●Airport pick-up upon arrival 

●Sponsored legal Z work visa ( foreign
expert permit)

9,000 – 17000 RMB salary (based on the
teaching hours

●Accidental health insurance 

●Free hotel for the first 1-2 nights   

●Teaching materials 

●Teacher training 

●No office hours are required 

●Salary raise after completing one year

●Full assistance with an apartment with is suited
for your needs



Documents we will need from you:


●Copy of your passport information page 

●Passport like picture 

●Copy of your University degree 

●3 recent photos 

●To fill in 3 forms that we will send you 


is privately owned education company founded in 2001
in Tianjin. We have teaching vacancies across Tianjin. Tianjin is a combination
of a fast paced city mixed with traditional culture.

We have partnerships with many kindergartens, schools,
training centers and even online schools that teach students through out the
Tianjin area. In fact, schools that we partner with are ranked in the top in


HR manager:  Valery &Jason



Skype ID:

Office number: 86-22-23394188

Mobile number: 86-15822258727; 86-13821439769

Wechat:  15822258727; 13821439769

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